How Did They Do That?

In 2007, online brokerage company E-Trade wanted to come up with a marketing strategy to tell consumers that it can put powerful yet simple financial tools into their hands. Grey advertising came up with the idea that they would show real people talking about how simple it is to use E-Trade for trading stocks and bonds. They came up with several concepts, including one involving a talking baby. They presented the ideas to a focus group, and much to their surprise the talking baby was a huge hit.

The commercial was shot webcam style, using  comedian Pete Holmes for the voiceover, and the mouth of a        4-year-old (because  4 year olds can actually talk and their lips, mouth and cheeks are still baby like ) was superimposed on to baby actor Gregory Michael Miller. The E-Trade Baby was born! The commercial premiered during the 2008 Super Bowl, and of the 70 commercial spots that ran during the game, the talking baby spot ranked 3rd for being most memorable.

Actor Gregory Michael Miller today

It seems however that the E-Trade talking baby campaign, after it’s successful 4-year stint, has been put to bed.


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